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18+ Boy Skinny Desi Indian Aunty In Hotel Room


Young 18-Year-Old Skinny Desi Man Fucking Mature Indian Aunty In Hotel Room.

She bent down and started sucking me hard and my uncle was squeezing my balls hard it was almost painful I ejaculated under a minute and she sucked it out and tasted the cum in her mouth and then without swallowing, they both started French kissing right with my cum in their mouth.

At 18 trust me guys it was a bit. I was zonked and the lady suddenly said it was my turn she lay back and asked me to lick her between her legs I was licking and Uncle started to insert his dick between my thighs, near the balls. After some time he made me lie back and my aunty started to kneel near my face and pressed her mound on my mouth by that time I had again become hard.

She made me and my uncle sit right in front of each other with cris crossed legs so that both the dicks were next to each other and she held them together and tried to take it into her mouth well she only tried. We were getting jerked off by the same hand. And then my uncle shot off his load and she took it in her mouth and French kissed me with the same damn cumm and I was on the verge of picking.

Date: June 5, 2024

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